Wood Industry
Vitrified bonded wheels are often used for wood working operations such as saw and tool sharpening. A summary of our product range is given below.

Saw & Tool Sharpening
For use with normal saw types, sandwich and Bakelite spray. The wheels have a diameter of 150-300mm, and are 3-12mm thick. In addition we can supply curved, relieved wheels for the grinding of timber saw machines. Wheels on spindles can be provided to sharpen saw chains.

General purpose tool sharpening is catered for with our range of flat wheels, dish and pot-shaped cones of many sizes and shapes.

We can supply files and stones for sharpening tools and chisels. Tools like these can be oblong, triangular, round or half-round.

Knife sharpening can be achieved by using grinding blades, and finer sharpening can be achieved using round files supplied in a special sheath.