Extra Porous Grinding Wheels
Now that increasingly harder materials are being used in industry (high alloyed or surface treated steel, heat resistant nickel alloys, titanium alloys and ferromagnetic materials), there has been a need to develop grinding wheels and abrasives that can meet the demands of these harder materials.

Whereas traditional porous vitrified wheels have a structure number of between 4 & 10, extra porous wheels typically have a structure number between 13 & 16, and as high as 19.

The higher porosity is achieved by incorporating hollow ceramic spheres in the wheel structure. This additional porosity means that more efficient heat removal is achieved during the grinding process.

Advantages of extra porous wheels include:

We have seen theses advantages in the following applications:

Note: The information contained on this web site describes just a fraction of the applications and practical experience we have had with extra porous vitrified bond abrasives. Please contact us for more detailed information about your application.

Basic Abrasive Materials
99BA, 98A & 99SA3
13-16 (19)
No Limits