Grinding tools of all descriptions are essential for craftsmen and hobbyists alike. We have a large assortment of products to offer, from sharpeners and stones, to files and mounted points on spindles.

Below is a summary of our vast range.

Universal Knife, Scissor Sharpeners
Supplied on a shank for easy grip in drilling machine, for easy grinding

Grinding Wheel Set for Hand Drilling
For the sharpening of saws, drills, chisels and welds, there are six different types of wheels, which are flat, chamfered, dish-like or pot-like.

Grinding Elements on Spindles
To be used fixed in drilling machines, and used for working wood and a broad range of metals.

Hand Grinding
Files and stones supplied in different shapes, including square, oblong, triangular, round and half-round.

Grinding Stones
These can be used for scythe sharpening, and supplied in the traditional Carborundum shape.

Kitchen Knife Sharpening
Round stones supplied in protective case with a fine grit size.

Grinding Segments
A broad range of tools for trimming terrazzo and concrete floors.

Flex Wheels
The diameter of these wheels is in the range of 115-230 mm, and can be used for cutting-off and grinding metals, ceramics, cast iron, light metals and plastics.