The Carborundum Electrite product range can meet the demands of a number of applications in the glass working industry, from working with sheet glass to decorative glassware and glass jewellery.

Sheet Glass Edge Chamfering
A typical specification for this application is 99A, 150-180, M 7V.

Grinding Files
We can supply a large selection in various shapes such as square, oblong, triangle and round, in either corundum or silicon carbide.

Grinding Cylinders
Products of this type have a diameter of 800 mm and are composed of ruby corundum, for working glass jewellery and other small glass products.

Dressing Sticks & Wheels
These can be supplied either vitrified or rubber bonded, and are used for regenerating diamond cutting tools.

In addition, we can deliver vitrified abrasives supplied as mounted wheel and points for intricate or complex work, and standard cut-off and fluting wheels from our resinoid product range for general purpose needs.

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