Types of Abrasive Grains
There major types of abrasive used in the manufacture of grinding wheels and other related products are composed of the following:

Size of Abrasive Grain
The grain size of a grinding wheel is based on the sieve apertures through which the grain is sieved after crushing. A 10 mesh sieve with 10 apertures per linear inch will give a 10s mesh abrasive after sieving.

The FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives) standard requires that coated abrasives manufactured in Europe show a ‘P’ in front of the grain size to indicate that the product is manufactured to the FEPA P European Standard.

Very coarse grit sizes range from 10-16#, and are used when the primary objective is metal removal. As the abrasive type becomes finer, then it will have the following characteristics:

As the grit size becomes larger, then the reverse is true.